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Salt in Canada

The ports of Vancouver is major hubs in Canada's maritime industry.

Clipper Salt understands the importance of these maritime hubs and has established operations in each of them. By strategically operating in Canada's largest ports, Clipper Salt has become a major salt supplier to Canada and its customers. Clipper Salt supplies only the finest solar sea salt products in Canada.

Clipper Salt stocks and supplies various salt products to many different clients including commercial fishing vessels, tuna canneries, meat packing facilities, swimming pool industry, local municipalities for road deicing as well as many other industries. Some of the salt products that Clipper Salt supplies include heavy crushed coarse grain solar salt, vacuum salt, water softening salt, rock salt, ice melting salt and other grades of salt.

Aside from Canada, Clipper Salt also has many other supply locations across the Pacific Ocean. Clipper Salt remains committed to providing our customers with the best salt products in Canada at the best prices.

Please kindly contact Clipper Salt for your salt supplies in Canada.